Coaching is not for chickens

Being a coach is a very rewarding career.  I have the privilege of working with some amazing women.

Some are taking their current business to the next level.

Some are in various stages of creating a new business.

And, some are realizing they need to challenge themselves in order to hone their skills and step into being powerful and confident leaders.

In order to get to what is standing in their way, I have to ask some tough questions.  I need to be direct with feedback.  I’m the one that calls them out on the stories they are telling themselves.

Sometimes, that leads to discomfort for the client.  Maybe even hurt feelings.

As women, we invest a lot of time, energy and emotion telling ourselves it’s perfectly alright to be content to stay right where we are.

It is not.

Friends will be happy to commiserate over coffee or a glass of wine.  Family is comfortable accepting them just as they are. Often, exactly as they are.  “The Jones family is known for being agreeable and polite. Why rock the boat?  Especially at your age.”

But, as a coach, I know they are capable of more.  So much more.

As a client, they also know they are capable of more. They are tired of living with that little voice that whispers “Is this all you are worth?” or “Are you going to let this dream die within you?”.

So, they pick up the phone. They show up for their coaching sessions.

And the two of us roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Together, we know that if some feelings get hurt, it’s time to get rid of them anyway. Let the other feelings shine.

That is the part that feels absolutely amazing.


I do not ever intend to hurt a clients feelings. I do not like bumping up against something that is painful for a client. All feelings are respected and honored.  It’s just that some feelings are not serving the client.  They are serving themselves.  It’s tough work.  But, it is never mean or callous.























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