Coaching Programs and Fees

Someone, somewhere decided coaches should never post their fees.

The standard practice is to schedule a free session lasting from fifteen minutes to an hour before even discussing fees.

The idea is to have someone on the phone so you can talk them through any objections and help them decide to buy.

Once again, I have decided to go rogue and be different.

I would never invest in anything before I knew the price.  I would never invest in anything before knowing if it would be a good fit for me.  I would never invest in anything while under pressure.

Therefore, I have posted the information about different coaching packages.

If a potential client wants to run pricing by their accountant, for deduction purposes, the information is (or will be in the case of an event) posted upfront for their review.

I simply do not know a professional woman who wouldn’t want to know what the investment in a program, process or product was upfront.

I say…….

Why should coaching be any different?

(all prices shown are in USD. However, the exchange rate will be considered for AUD clients. Discounts will be applied to keep pricing closer to posted price if the exchange rate is hovering below .80 USD.  It is the client’s responsibility to request an exchange discount when an invoice is being created)


Sample Session:

Just like a proper Cellar Door or Tasting Room provides a reasonable rate to try their wine, I offer a sample, full hour coaching session for only 25 dollars.  Since none of that time is wasted on explaining pricing, it’s a full hour to focus on coaching. If we agree this would be a good coaching relationship and decide to move forward, the 25 dollars is applied to a coaching package.


Group Coaching Sessions:

Vintage-5 week program with group coaching sessions with a maximum of 8 clients per group to facilitate communication and allow for some one on one feedback.  150 (subject to availability)

Single Vintage-5 week program of both group and private coaching sessions with a maximum of 8 clients per group and includes 2 private coaching sessions. 350 *seriously great value* (subject to availability)

Reserve-One day retreat programs-Price determined by location, guest speakers and sponsorship (subject to availability-offered a few times a year)

Private Reserve– Weekend retreat programs- Price determined by location, guest speakers, workshops,  private coaching sessions and sponsorship (subject to availability-offered once or twice a year)


Private Coaching:

Option A:

A minimum of 6 sessions over 2 months is required for individualized coaching. Additional laser (short, 20 minute) sessions may be purchased as an add on.

Package of 6 sessions: 1,200 dollars

Package of 12 sessions: 1,800 dollars

Additional package of 3 add-on laser sessions: 150 dollars

Option B:

A private arrangement will be made and agreed to regarding frequency and length of sessions for ongoing clients.  Billing will be monthly. Due to the long term nature of the relationship, Option B clients will be given advance notice and preferential seating at events.


Master Mind Sessions:

Current session structures include:

Monthly Membership Sessions

Spotlight  Business Forum

Retreats (retreat pricing does not include flights or accommodation)

Master Mind Sessions are by invitation only* and begin at 500 dollars.


Special Offer Coaching:

From time to time, I offer special coaching packages related to live presentations, radio or TV appearances.  The package duration and pricing will be presented at the event.  A redemption code is necessary to take advantage of these limited offers.

It is the client’s responsibility to review the coaching agreement that corresponds to the type of coaching they are receiving prior to the first session.

*invitation only-Mastermind groups are intense and require familiarity with the coaching process, group dynamics and the ability to both offer and receive actionable, constructive feedback.