Are you a Women’s Network Australia Member? If so, do not forget to use the Member to Member benefit!!!  The membership benefit offer is for real savings on coaching, not a  tiny offer of a template, checklist or other insignificant item. Take advantage of this offer by typing NWA in […]

Women’s Network Australia

Shame. Even the word sounds small and defeated.  Like it shouldn’t be allowed to be uttered. Written on the page it doesn’t look very powerful.  Look at it, it’s all curves and softness.  Hardly a word to be bothered about. That is the deceptive nature of shame.  It makes the […]

A few thoughts about shame

Soaring Falcon
Being a coach is a very rewarding career.  I have the privilege of working with some amazing women. Some are taking their current business to the next level. Some are in various stages of creating a new business. And, some are realizing they need to challenge themselves in order to […]

Coaching is not for chickens